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Decorate small receivers with style

Dark, interior and small … that’s the way most of the receivers are, the ugly duckling at home, but it does not have to be that way! The decoration of small receivers can be a challenge, but nothing is impossible, you just need to apply some simple tricks and put a little illusion so that your receiver looks as it deserves.

Think that although it has become a space for many forgotten, the small receivers, or the largest, are our letter of presentation, it is always the first thing that can be seen and can be interpreted as an extension of the decorative style of the rest of the house. In addition, it is about the stay that welcomes you when you get home, the one that receives you, the prelude to your authentic refuge.

To make small receivers a good cover letter try to follow the following steps:

  1. The hall should reflect your style and decorative tastes, in addition to being in tune with the rest of the house. It would be very strange that your hall is avant-garde and from there we would find rooms with a classic or rustic style, for example. Try to create a balance and feeling of harmony between the receiver and the rest.
  2. Even if they are small receivers, they should invite us to enter, in a way, to embrace and welcome us.
  3. The decoration of the hall must be functional to allow us to keep or leave those objects that we consider necessary: ​​leave the keys, correspondence and the bag, when we get home, review our appearance before leaving, even, in some cases, it becomes the place where we leave footwear, warm clothes or umbrellas.
  4. Try, always and in any case not overly filling things, it is important to be clear. It is a place of passage, so the decoration and furniture chosen should facilitate and allow transit without impediments.

Ideas to decorate small receivers

Light furniture
Choose, preferably, light furniture, straight lines and shallow depth: a small console or shelf with drawers attached to the wall, with a mirror resting on the envelope will allow you to leave whatever you need when you get home or when you leave.

If you like specially ordered spaces, play with symmetry; You will get away from the chaotic spaces, providing balance to the room, as well as transmitting a greater sensation of spaciousness. Create still lifes and purely decorative compositions on the console or surface that you have available or using a collection of vases of important measures to dress a corner.

Use light and warm colors. Toasted, white, beige and pale gray will bring more light to space. Combine it with more daring colors, in the accessories. Mark an accent wall using decorative painting (we invite you to review our article Decorating with decorative painting to create amazing effects) or choose a striking wallpaper with which you will add a touch of uniqueness and style to the hall.

Illuminates correctly: it uses a type of general lighting that provides the necessary luminosity to move correctly and points of light, environmental and punctual, to create a warmer and more welcoming effect.

Do not despair! Small receivers can also become a space full of personality. Let’s do it!

Written by Razia Begum

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