Decorating recycling: life beyond the pallets …

Yes, oddly enough, there are other options beyond the reuse of pallets to decorate recycling, one of the great decorative trends of recent years.

This concept, to decorate recycling, has become a key aspect in the decoration of the XXI century, in the same way, that happens with the DIY (‘do it yourself’ or ‘do it yourself’) an authentic philosophy and way of life that It may seem very original or novel.

The reality is different. It is an idea that rejects the indiscriminate purchase in favor of what we can do with our own means, -a very anti-capitalist concept, on the other hand-. In fact, if any of us can or we could ask our grandparents or great grandparents, we would discover that they already made many objects with their own hands and did not call it DIY, of course (this mania that we have to use Anglicism, because it seems which is more interesting and more modern …).

In short and thanks (to put it somehow) to the arrival of the famous crisis, which we have not yet left although green shoots start to appear (without comments …), it has been the culprit that decorating and DIY recycling have become essential, in our lives, a way of survival more.

And as a great standard-bearer of the culture of decorating recycling, we find the pallets, the old boxes of wine and fruit, of course. With pallets, we have made coffee tables, beds, stairs, headboards, sofas, armchairs, kitchen furniture or bathroom … what else we have left?

It is true, it has been very fun and creative but … it has ceased to be an original and unique proposal, so we should evolve and give way to other elements that will help us to decorate recycling in a slightly newer way.

Difference between recycling and reusing, two terms that in most cases, can confuse us.

When we decide to recycle, we are going back to using the material from which a product is made to produce another new object instead when we reuse, we use a product again.

Is a difference too subtle? Let’s give an example: when we deposit the glass or plastic bottles in their corresponding container, they are recycled to use the raw materials in the manufacture of another object; In this way, the useful life that a material can have is maximized, thus reducing the environmental impact, reducing waste.

On the other hand, the reuse occurs when we recover an element, an object or piece of furniture to give it a different use, such as, for example, old doors transformed into a singular headboard, an old console or chest of drawers restored to be used as a washbasin cabinet, for example.

We also contribute to producing less waste in addition to providing personality and style to the different spaces in which it is applied.

This last phenomenon is known as upcycling, – again we use Anglicisms … -, a movement in which one reacts against using and throwing indiscriminately, favoring creative recycling.

Discover some original ideas to decorate recycling:

-Imagine that you are immersed in the reform of your new home and the old (and wonderful) original doors, should be replaced by new ones because they no longer close properly. Why do not you use them as a headboard, as a support table or to create an original mirror? The same happens with the porches, you only need to wash their faces, apply some treatment so that the termites are perfectly eradicated, maintain their original color or renew their appearance by giving them a new coat of paint of your favorite color.

  • Never throw away the fabulous structures of old sewing machines and use them as an extra surface for the kitchen, office, bedroom or hall. They will become the star piece, put where you put them!
  • And if you give a new life to your old bicycle or to that jumble of irons of industrial machinery that you do not know how, it appeared in the storage room of your grandparents’ house? Imagine decorating with some of these pieces to create an impact sink.
  • You can also decorate recycling with small objects that no longer serve to fulfill their original function, such as the waterproof boots of the little ones, -which they do not fit anymore-, to use them as fun and colorful pots.
  • Or use empty plastic bottles to design an original vertical garden, for example.
  • And if you take advantage of the ladies and old pots to use as a support for candles and tea light candles? More than one will be surprised with this original idea to decorate recycling.

And if yours are still the pallets, the old fruit or wine boxes, we are not going to tell you not to use them, but look for more original ideas, using them to design a fun tool workshop or, as a surprising shelf to hang the pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

In short, look around and think very much what you are going to throw and what is not. It is also not about saving everything until you live submerged in impossible chaos but, look carefully and you will see how you can give a second chance to pieces that deserve it.

Written by Razia Begum

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