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DIY Create a laundry room and ironing room.

Small spaces and big ideas is a combination that we all like when we refer to our home. Today, we usually do not have the meters at home, so to create a laundry room and ironer we will have to apply a lot of creativity in its design and functionality.

Great ideas for small spaces: how to create a laundry room and ironing room?

The decoration of small spaces is perfectly reflected in an area of ​​the house such as the laundry room, where complementary functions such as ironing or tendering are also carried out. Keep in mind that we are referring to a space in which they usually accumulate a lot of junk and that usually does not exceed 3 m in length and 1.5 m in width.

It’s just a matter of being a bit creative and making the most of every inch. In addition, you do not have to invest too much money, because if you apply DIY techniques to express your personality you can give fresh air to this multipurpose space and many times forgotten in the design project of your home. Enter the You Can Deco app and discover a thousand possible combinations of materials for the floor, walls, and ceiling that will completely change the style of your laundry/ironing. And also, know instantly the total cost of your reform!

Indeed, this optimism must be translated into ideas applicable to the design of a small and versatile space. So, first, let’s think about how we can gain effective space to store things. We do not want the sink to become a storage room to accumulate everything that does not fit in other areas of the house. However, we do intend to have at hand the utensils and products that we use in certain washing tasks.

Take advantage of the holes

Try to take advantage of the spaces that are usually below some of the typical appliances of this room, such as the dryer and washing machine. There are custom cabinets that will fit perfectly in these concrete holes. As we want to save, we can compose them through DIY sessions, after getting some cheap melamine boards. In this way, we can keep, for example, the cleaning products and food sacks of our pets.

Take advantage of the walls

The walls, on the other hand, are to be used, so we can resort to bars and shelves to place everything we need in a vertical position. The hangers are very practical to deposit mops, brooms, and mops. There are also double-sided velcros that stick perfectly on the walls and allow to fix all kinds of utensils.

Order with baskets

Baskets of different sizes will be very useful to separate by color the clothes that are going to be washed.

Realize all the storage space you gain by filling holes and taking advantage of vertical spaces!

Finally, you should not forget that you can change the face of this room by introducing some modifications to the tiles and the floor. You just have to get the precise materials and be willing to spend some time doing a bit of DIY!

Let’s do it!

Written by Razia Begum

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