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Shabby Chic style, romantic sophistication

For some years now, the rustic and romantic style have merged to create the Shabby Chic style, an elegant and very suggestive proposal that draws on the essence and sophistication of the old pieces to recreate feminine environments, with character.

Why is it called Shabby Chic?

The origin of this style is found in the old houses of the British countryside. If you introduce the word Shabby in the indispensable ‘google translator’, you will see how it translates, literally, “in disrepair”. Surprised? In very broad terms, it is like that, although we could qualify it by explaining that in decoration, it means “worn out by the passage of time”. Really a worn that gives it a special beauty and uniqueness.

The most used materials to design in Shabby Chic style are wood and metal or iron with imperfect finishes to get a romantic look with a very warm and comfortable taste. Enter the You Can Deco app and try out countless combinations until you find the one that best fits your style and budget.

The upholstery, such as the sofa, armchairs or chaise longues, take center stage in the Shabby Chic decoration for the living room: they must be pieces of considerable size, very fluffy and incredibly comfortable, flooded with cushions and decorative pillows, plaids, and blankets of linen, mohair or embroidered cotton.

In what colors? you ask: white is the undisputed king of this style. Mix it with elements in sand tones, aged gray, pink, violet, and blue, in the complements.

In the Shabby Chic style decoration, the details are essential; see how the different environments are composed of an infinite number of still lifes of objects such as candlesticks, vases, porcelain or ceramic pieces, frames, pots, lamps, etc., basically made of carved wood, metal or patinated mud.

The pastel shades also flood the Shabby Chic style bedrooms in combination with the omnipresent and essential white. Choose a headboard made of wood or aged iron and dress the bed with a set of cotton or linen, with abundant cushions, in different sizes and formats. Top the composition using some wallpaper with floral patterns or romantic designs to create a 100% Shabby Chic bedroom.

As for the prints, the flowers are also the queens of the Shabby Chic style, a brushstroke of nature to decorate in the form of small floral patterns in all kinds of textiles for tablecloths, curtains, cushions or sheets and printed on old tableware or games tea and vases that decorate any corner. Of course, to decorate following this popular style, it also adds natural flowers, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, without limits.

Written by Razia Begum

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