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Vinyl carpets: stylish off-road

We know that a few months ago you removed the carpets from home to take them to the dry cleaner and keep them until the fall arrives and, although you try to take care of them properly when the children arrive with mud up to their ears and the dog that walks on top of them. your favorite carpet with the stained legs of the last walk, a small tear, almost invisible, sliding down your cheek, thinking: No, not on the carpet!

You look at the bare ground and would like to be able to place a piece that also looks during the summer months, without fear of getting dirty every second. We have the solution!

Do you know the vinyl carpets?

It is one of the latest trends in decoration, to dress the floor of your house, even in summer. Fresh, original, fun, colorful and very cheerful and, above all, very practical.
The vinyl carpets have two of the fundamental advantages that we ask for this type of elements, especially when there are children and pets at home: it is an incredibly resistant material and very easy to clean.

In addition, you can use them in any room of the house, even outside, on a small terrace or the porch and in the kitchen, apart from the most usual applications: in the living room, under the dining table, in the corridor, the bedroom or the children’s room.

When vinyl carpets get dirty, you will only need to wipe off the stains with water and, well, as good as new.

And do not think you’re just going to find models, smooth, in very basic colors. Being an element of the trend, you will discover the infinity of designs that will contribute to any space of your home, a plus of style and personality.

Have you always liked the hydraulic mosaic floors? You will be surprised to discover the vinyl carpets that mimic this type of flooring. They are very original, they are available in infinite reasons that faithfully reproduce the hydraulic tiles and you can place them where you prefer. (Do not miss our article Hydraulic Mosaics: floors for a lifetime )

If you like the Nordic style, the vinyl carpets will fit like a glove in the decoration of your house: geometric patterns in 100% Nordic colors, the result will be surprising and trendy.

And, if you’re looking for more sober models, in neutral colors and plain designs, you can also find your ideal vinyl carpet model. Choose the size you need and enjoy your new carpet, without fear of staining or spoiling, easily.

Written by Razia Begum

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