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Acquire the outfits for the office without spending more

Now you can keep your closet renewed, look radiant every day and make money with clothes that you no longer use
The concern for the combination of clothes to go to the office is a thing of the past, since currently, thanks to technology, you have the possibility to choose what you like best from the comfort of your home and acquire it with a single click.

In addition to being fashionable and having a closet composed of good brand clothing, you can take care of your economy in El Baúl virtual store,, where you can buy new and second-hand clothes in perfect condition, in addition, to selling the one you no longer use and earn extra money.

The dress and image codes at work have evolved and you no longer have to stick to traditional jacket suits with basic colors like black, dark blue or coffee. Now, you can make combinations where it is worth mixing formal and informal garments in the same outfit, as well as the composition with different colors.

When assembling your outfit, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and choose clothes that are of your own taste. Next, we will give you five ideas to go to the office, created with clothes that you will find in El Baúl.

A black dress works in all professional situations and if you are a conservative woman, it will be ideal for you. Combine it with a blazer blue marine water, is an ideal complement that will give a touch of versatility to your wardrobe, ending with black heels, getting an elegant look, sober and modern.

The second option is for lovers of animal print, shoes with leopard print are accessories that are still valid in the world of fashion and that without a doubt you must have in your clothes, is an excellent alternative combined with black pants, A basic white long sleeve blouse, and a beige blazer.

If you are a woman who loves to follow fashion standards and also surprise with your personal presentation in the office, the coat is a piece that can not miss in your closet. You can accompany this red wine garment with a black skirt, a white striped shirt with black and black heels, sure not go unnoticed.

The clothes made in jeans will always be fashionable and if you are a girl with a casual style, you will love being able to wear them also in your work days. We recommend you to combine a jean with a turtle neck turtle coffee, which will protect you from the cold and will give you an elegant touch, a classic khaki blazer and shoes of the same color; With this outfit you will be the owner of the looks in the office and you will be recognized for wearing a modern and comfortable outfit.

Finally, in El Baúl you can find red wine jeans and combine them with a gray collar shirt, a black jacket with side zippers that will give a chic touch to the outfit and black high-heeled boots. A comfortable and ideal outfit for a long workday.

It should be noted that when choosing the garments for a day’s work, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. The success of your wardrobe will depend on how you combine and the balance that you give to the whole, dare to try different costumes and prints and do not give up innovating.

It is time to thoroughly review your wardrobe and make sure that there are essential items that will give variety to your daily styles. If not, it would be good to invest in them to make it easier to adapt to the clothes you have and get the look you want.

The good news is that the high costs of updating your closet will no longer be a pretext to be fashionable and always look beautiful and different because in El Baúl you will find a varied wardrobe of recognized brands, which will allow you to have variety and style every day.

Written by Razia Begum

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