The camouflaged is fashionable

Yes again! Although season after season there are new trends, there are some that are renewed. And 2017 has started with a new opportunity for camouflaged style. The camouflage in fashion has been reinvented and is appropriating the wardrobe of many celebrities.

They say that in fashion eventually, everything comes back. There are experts in the field who recommend not to get rid of anything that is in the closet because probably at some point you will be “in” again and have a new opportunity to show off.

This has been the first months of 2017 with the military or camouflaged type print. And do not misunderstand, it’s not new in catwalks, but it is a trend in the daily “outfit” of many celebrities, which makes it relevant in the closet.

Just follow the artist networks a bit to verify it. In Colombia, for example, the artists Fonseca and Juanes let themselves be seen with different camouflaged jackets. The first was done in a casual photo with his children and the second in his most recent visit to Guatemala, both events during this last month.
The camouflaged has its origin at the beginning of the last century. The magazine Vogue Spain reviews it in its article “The triumph of the military style” that marked the “fashion” pattern at the end of 2014 and continues to make it current. “The wars led tens of thousands of men to wear military uniforms. At the end of the world wars, these garments -especially the resounding coats- were reused by their women, thus giving rise, without knowing it, to one of the key trends in contemporary fashion: the military style “.

What was born as a need, became fashionable. Wearing such garments was an obligation in places at war, even for women. There was nothing more to use and less money to invest in something different when the goal was to survive.

Decades later, other eras were giving form and content to what is its use: women’s liberation, the hippie movement of the seventies, the “underground” of the nineties and the powerful style of today’s women, forged an aesthetic that includes the green hunting and the camouflage pattern as badges.

And it is that for the camouflaged there is no bad moment. Justin Bieber, for example, takes him on any given morning to exercise, as part of his outfit, his look always hits the net and his shorts, of course, look good!
It does not matter if it’s day or night, the Brazilian superstar of FC Barcelona walks through the Catalan streets with a camouflaged shirt.
Also, J Balvin who wears a jacket with style, for the latest advertising campaign of OVADIA & SONS. The outfit is included within its spring line.
There is no doubt that the camouflaged is setting trends and not only in jackets, pants, and shirts, but also in bags, boots, accessories, tennis, and many other garments.

It is precisely his versatility that makes him a good choice for the current woman: strong and feminine, in control and secure, this is how these divas of the style that preferred him to look like.

The beautiful and natural Andrea Serna joins social purposes with a delicate jacket to your size with military print.
Kim Kardashian continues to show her sensuality by contrasting the style of war with her small curvy figure.
In a bold and stunning look, the very fashionable girl, Ariana Grande, decides to show another of her facets, dressed from head to toe with camouflaged fabric, with the challenging and controversial Nicky Minaj as a company.

Written by Razia Begum

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