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These are the fashion trends that are imposed by the end of the year

In the last two months of the year being at the forefront of fashion is synonymous with comfort and freedom. The basic colors, earth, and cakes send the stop and put the order of the day a great offer to combine them.

In the case of women, bomber jackets, sports shoes with chic touches, military-style garments, printed and embroidered clothing are imposed. For special occasions, skinny skirts, culotte trousers, high-waisted skirts, baggy shirts, and basic colored heels, turn out to be the right clothes.

According to Lina Vasquez, marketing director of NAF NAF, “a retro color chart, composed of mustard yellow, terracotta red, deep blue and old rose, highlight the key silhouettes of this trend. The jeans flare boot, accompanied by fur vests or leather jackets; the oversized knits with fringes and combined details, with printed maxi dresses, are the key items of the season “.

In the case of men, the sporty chic style prevails, as confirmed by Natalia Mahecha, a professional in fashion marketing and communication, who argues that “a casual or sporty outfit is based on wide and comfortable clothing, printed shirts, tennis widths strong colors, baggy pants or jeans and a jacket style bomber . A more formal option can be composed of punching bags with cuffs, single-color or patterned shirts, basic colored shoes and slim pants. ”

Both men and women can follow the fashion of the season using wide and long divers, basic colors such as gray, black and white, combined with pastel colors and garments with embossed patterns.

A market at the forefront

More and more options are offered by different national and international brands, however, when choosing what is important is to take into account the quality of the garments, versatility, and style that marks the trend of the collection of the season.

An option to acquire quality garments that seek to impose glamor and comfort among its customers is Esprit, a brand that offers variety, quality, and fashion for all tastes and needs. For example, for the executive women, she proposes to wear a navy blue dress with a polka dots print, accompanied by a basic brown briefcase, without prints.

At the same time, this American brand presents some proposals for a casual outfit , the first of which consists of pastel blue harem pants , combined with a basic shirt with prints and gold loafers; the second consists of a dark blue slim trousers , with a thin brown strap, patterned shirt and a brown coat. Another option is mustard-colored slim trousers with a thin brown belt, combined with a wide blue silhouette shirt and print.

Dresses can not stay out of the closet this season. For this, the brand proposes a long pleated dress, oil-green, with a subtle golden belt, with two applications that simulate leaves of trees.

The denim does not go out of fashion and Esprit has it clear; that is why he bases his sporty style on the use of a jean jumpsuit, combined with gold sandals, a black bag with a brown cap and a blue pashmina with a white print.

For its part, the Parisian brand, NAF NAF, bases its end-of-year collection in a Western 70’s style with romantic airs, which includes materials such as lace and guipure. The clothes in this store are aimed at women with identity and character, willing to take risks, with a free and fun spirit.

Dresses are an excellent alternative for a casual outfit, which is why the brand proposes two styles combined with this garment, the first of which consists of a black dress with white print, accompanied by a brown leather jacket and blunt ankle boots black square heels; the second proposes a black guipure dress, accompanied by a mustard-colored overcoat and brown-colored ankle boots, contrasted with a black wallet.

The hair vests continue to set the trend, the NAF NAF proposal suggests combining a black one, with a white basic shirt, without prints, and black ankle-strap heeled sandals.

The denim remains

The jean garments continue to set the trend this season, the use of this material in the confection, from its beginnings to the present, has been in constant evolution, allowing to present to the market different garments that seek to offer comfort, freedom, and style to those who they carry them.

In this sense, the Italian American brand has been a reference in the manufacture and marketing of jean garments and this season is not the exception. Once again he alludes to the meaning of the logo that represents them: two Indians, Native Americans, who embody tradition and progress; thus the things, the objective is to present a proposal of clothes especially for young people, that fuses the American heritage and tradition with the sensuality of the silhouettes and colors of Italy.
A sample of this is the trend for the end of the year, which on this occasion suggests an urban style, framed in the use of denim, aimed at free and fresh people. Americano offers alternatives for both men and women, which fit the needs of all consumers. One of the proposals for men suggests the use of a bomber jacket, combined with a checkered red and checkered shirt and tonal laces.

As for women, the proposal is based on a short jean skirt with worn and a fringed coffee belt, combined with a basic shirt and a round neck jacket, red wine base color, with ethnic print and decorative taches, which seeks Show a free woman, with determination and security.

Another brand that has stood out and maintained in the jeanswear market, is Chevignon, recognized for its authentic and versatile fashion proposal for different tastes and occasions of use. In this season, he presents a collection inspired by California’s Lifestyle Cool; the style of American colleges with a vintage look.

This French brand has been characterized by offering several lines of products, where denim is always the protagonist in its different silhouettes, washings, and details.

For this end of the year, it proposes a masculine outfit that combines a gray denim jacket with patch pockets and a front cover, with a blue denim shirt with stripes and checks with a dark blue jean.

For women, comfort is the trend, through a black silhouette wide pants with a side white stripe, a round neck sneaker, and white tennis.

“In the end, the most important thing to take into account when assembling an outfit is to feel comfortable, there is really no line to follow, beyond the one that offers security and freedom, in the market you will find a great variety of garments to the vanguard of fashion, with the styles and colors mentioned; In this season you can combine, without fear, risking the unknown, “added Mahecha.

Written by Razia Begum

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