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How to draw a Husky puppy step by step

Husky puppies are some of the most beautiful dogs, affectionate, they grow to be majestic, strong sled dogs. Its Siberian heritage makes it better for cold climates and areas as it can withstand temperatures of 75 degrees below zero. Siberian Huskies have remarkable cream and coloring, plush skin and blue eyes often light steel. If you are a fan of this breed, a Siberian Husky puppy drawing will be an effort training.


• Draw a small oval, horizontally on your drawing pad. This will be the body of your husky. Draw a perfect circle, approximately half it’s oval, at the northeast end of its oval. This will be the head of the breeding.

• Draw two small, soft triangles with slightly curved points on top of this circle. These will be the ears. The ears of a husky are always erect. At the southeast end of the circle, draw a small circle, which will be the snout. Draw a smaller circle inside this circle. It is about the nose.

• Draw a vertical line leaning slightly to the left of the top of the circle that will be the dog’s muzzle. This line will instantaneously create the depth and sense that the muzzle is coming out of the face. On both sides of this line, draw two circles for the eyes.

• Draw small circles inside the pupil eyes of the dog. Since Eskimo dogs generally have blue eyes, they do not add a lot of shade to the surroundings of the eye in the iris.

• Draw four chubby legs that come out of the main oval, two on the left end of the oval and two on the far right. Make these legs overlap a little and make them only slightly longer than the height of the oval.

• They circulate along the lines, smoothing and shading. Delete all guidelines. Add details such as the color in the nose of the black puppy and add the legs and small claws. See the image

• Outline the areas of the face that change from light to dark, such as on the top of the head and ears and the skin on the back and chest and stomach. However, keep your chest and stomach white.

• Add long hair to the husky by making tick marks around the contoured areas, such as around the forehead, ears, back and sides of the stomach. The step marks will help represent the dog’s darker skin and create depth and texture.

• Draw a curved long tail that curls up on the back of the husky. Eskimo dogs usually have tails that lie on their backs. Make cross-directional strokes on the shape of the tail to make the round look. These same brands of mix and thickness pencil.

Written by Razia Begum

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