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How to draw polar bears easily

Polar bears are very popular among children because they are big, hairy and seem adorable, despite being very dangerous in reality. Large animals are always attractions in zoos, are the subject of many documentaries and depicted in drawings cartoons for children. Because they are white, this presents some challenges in shading when an artist tries to draw them, although photographs can be used to obtain the correct proportions.


Draw a large oval for the body. At one end of the oval, draw a circle for the head. Draw two elongated and thick ovals for the front legs and two large circles on the upper part for the hind legs. The legs of the bear are articulated in the same way as those of a dog or a cat. Draw two more elongated ovals from the bottom of the hind legs and add small ovals at the ends of the leg ovals. Position the circles and ovals according to the positions of the bears.

Add details, such as a snout, eyes, ears, legs, and a short tail if the bear is positioned so that you can see the backs. Create an outline around the circles, soften them according to the bear shape. Choose a direction of the light source – up, back or sideways – and make a slight sketch of the shadow of the bear. The shadow must be on the opposite side of the light source.

Add light strokes, use irregular pencils to indicate the skin, especially on the back of the neck, on the back edges of the legs and around the ears. Add whiskers and eyebrows similar to those of a dog. Make a slight shadow through every bear, do not forget the light source.

Polar bears

The polar bears live only where it is cold, around the Arctic region. The only exception is those who live in captivity in zoos around the world. They have been able to adapt very well to a warmer climate in those places. That is why many experts believe that they were isolated to the Arctic millions of years ago due to environmental changes, instead of being there out of necessity.

The polar bears are solitary, with bodies with features to handle the extremely cold weather. They are fascinating animals to watch too. They evolved from brown bears more than 38 million years ago, and now 19 species of them are known in the world. The main source of food for polar bears is several species of seals. These bears spend most of their lives in the water.

although polar bears can walk, they do it awkwardly. They are heavy animals so it takes a lot of energy for them to walk. Also, they are not fast enough to be able to kill their prey in this way. The fact that they can walk when necessary, as well as do it well in the water, makes polar bears one of the most versatile animals in the world. The polar bears that are pregnant are the only ones that hibernate. Their young are born while they are hibernating, and with instinct, they can reach the source of the mother’s milk on their own.

They will remain in the lair with their mother for several months before they emerge to the outside world. There are many threats to young polar bears, and more than half of them will die in the first year of life.

There are many misconceptions about polar bears. Many of them are related to the image that these are very aggressive animals and that they like to eat human flesh. They are very protective of themselves and attack if they are provoked or feel they are in danger. There is still much we do not know about the polar bear, so more research is necessary.

They are very intelligent animals and do what they must to survive. They can slow down your heart rate instead of hibernation like other types of bears. They also can live off their fat reserves as do seals and whales.

A female polar bear only reproduces once every three years, this is a concern and a reason for a low number of offspring. Usually, she will give birth to a group of puppies and will take care of them for 2 and a half years. When a female polar bear is stressed due to changes in their living conditions or lack of food, it will not engage in reproduction at all. This is one more reason why conservation efforts to help them in their natural environment need to be in an appropriate place.

It is believed that polar bears go through a period of molt in which part of their skin will be lost. However, it is not a complete loss of the old one, in an effort for the skin to be replaced. This takes place when the weather gets warmer so that they can maintain their body temperature regulated. That’s why some polar bears change more than others.

The body of a polar bear is unique. For example, it is known that they have toxic levels of vitamin A in the liver. While this does not seem to affect them negatively, it took a long time in the history of those who consumed the polar bear as food, realizing the dangers it brought to them.

There are many conservation efforts for the polar bear currently. As of 2008, they have been on the list of animals in danger. Its current population is estimated at around 25,000 maximum. Let us hope that these conservation efforts are not too late to help that figure increase.

Written by Razia Begum

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