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6 tips to get fit in record time

Do you have 45 free minutes? With these tips is all you need to take care of your health?

  • Going to the gym does not have to consume hours of your time if you do it efficiently.
  • Eliminate distractions and downtime to achieve your goals in record time.
  • Take with you the planning of your exercises and establish alternatives for each muscle group.

There is a good chance that you are one of those people who claim they do not have time to go to the gym. We have all said it once. It is true that sometimes it can be very difficult to find the time to start getting fit by exercising regularly.

However, there are ways to spend little time in the gym and do all the sports you need during the day. Do not leave aside your health and pay attention to these six tips to get fit in record time:

Perform consecutive exercises

The method known as super-set is used by bodybuilders to get a muscular body in less time. Carrying out two exercises without an intermediate break, increase the number of calories you burn.

Try to alternate movements of the upper and lower part of the body; In this way, one group of muscles rests while the other works.

Measure your breaks

With so many distractions in the gym, it can be difficult to keep the focus on rest times. Try to keep a timer to control the time between exercise and exercise. The most common thing in the world of sport is to limit breaks to periods of 90 seconds or even less, depending on specific goals.

Plan your exercises in advance

This is one of the most necessary tips if we take into account the habits of people who do not play sports on a regular basis. You waste too much time thinking about what to do next. This can completely eliminate the efficiency and, eye, if you want to get fit in record time you will need to be as efficient as possible.

To solve this problem, take an exercise chart with you, either on paper or on your mobile. If your exercises need special equipment, this will help you to have everything prepared in advance.

Test high-intensity training

Do you like challenges? Try doing a series of 20-second exercises with ten-minute breaks. Although this type of training may seem lighter, it is not easy at all. Start by incorporating high-intensity training into your cardio sessions. As you adapt to intensive sports, increase the exercise time from 20 to 30 seconds.

Say goodbye to technology

This is one of those tips that will not make you very funny. Listening to music and using apps related to sports and health can be a great distraction in the gym. Take with you only a clock of those of the whole life and, if you want, a music player without internet access. In this way, the temptation to look at Facebook will be less.

Think of a plan B in case the machines are busy

If you go to the gym regularly you will know how complicated it can be to find a machine available. Instead of waiting for another to end, always establish an alternative exercise for that group of muscles in order to avoid downtime.

Getting in shape should not consume hours and hours of your time. By applying these tips to your sports sessions, you will improve your health and get fit in much less time.

Written by Razia Begum

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