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What pictorial techniques can be used in painting?

Table of subjects

  • Learn to use oil painting
  • How to paint with acrylic paint?
  • Learning to paint with watercolors
  • How to learn to paint with cakes?

A survey by Statista, the statistics portal for reference market data, reveals that listening to music is the favorite activity of 87% of Spaniards, but what about painting?

Painting a picture can help us de-stress and have fun in our free time. In silence or with music, the artists portray their emotions or what they think is beautiful. However, what techniques can be used? Oil painting? Watercolors?

Next, we leave you everything you need to know about painting techniques that do not include a pencil. If you are interested in learning with this technique, click on the following link pencil drawing course.

Learn to use oil painting

When one considers taking drawing or painting classes, we often remember our traditional painting classes in elementary school with the five gouache tubes that used to end up in another place than on the sheet.

However, one of the techniques used by great artists is not based on watering but on oil painting.

This technique, which was invented in the 15th century by the Van Eyck brothers, has survived over the centuries through paintings and paintings that can now be seen in museums: Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Braque, Monet, Courbet, Goya, Delacroix, all these artists have transmitted the technique of oil painting.
Oil painting is a paint made with pigments and dried oil. It does not dry, but hardens. Hence its complexity.

To learn to paint in oil, it is necessary to respect several rules so that you can prevent the paint from cracking. We must understand the characteristics of this oil painting.

Among these characteristics, the fact of having to wait several weeks between the different layers of paint stands out.

Since the technique of oil painting is done in several phases. There is a sketch, it is reproduced later with charcoal, the first thin layer is made and, finally, the following layers, which will always be thicker.

It may seem complicated to have to wait so long before you can touch up the painting. However, it is essential to do so because artists who do not respect this rule will see how their image fills with cracks.

It is necessary to know that the face of the paint in contact with the air hardens more quickly than the inside of the layer. Over time, the top layer ends up cracking. Therefore, it is also important not to paint or give too many layers of paint.

The technique of oil painting is a way of painting that ends up dominating.

It takes time to understand how it works, but this technique offers many possibilities.

That is why most of the great painters chose her for their great masterpieces.

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How to paint with acrylic paint?

The use of acrylic paint is widespread and is appreciated by painters due to its ease of application and its price, quite economical compared to other techniques such as oil painting, which can sometimes be very expensive.

Acrylic paint, which derives from the industrial paint of cars and the building, is implemented for the first time in the United States before arriving in Spain. It is famous for the great painter Andy Warhol, it sounds good to you, right?

Acrylic paint is used for all kinds of artistic works: portraits, still life, landscapes, living models, industrial design, etc. Everything is valid. It is taught along with other drawing and painting techniques such as Aguada, Indian ink, dried cakes, charcoal or watercolors, among others.
The interest of this type of painting is that it dries very quickly, which allows us to perform work in a short time without having to lose your head as in oil painting or with watercolors, where we must pay attention to the amount of water.

Acrylic paint is one of the simplest techniques. However, we must remember that it is impossible to retouch the colors once applied, as they dry instantly.

It is very useful to use this technique as training or to make reproductions of great painters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Dali, Picasso, Monet, Manet, etc.

To learn to master acrylic paint, you must follow some steps but nothing great.

To practice, do not hesitate to attend painting classes in associations, art workshops or art schools.

It is also possible to learn to use acrylic paint with private painting teachers.

Weekly classes, classes at home, online courses …: all formulas are possible.

You can find private tutors in Superprof, of course, but also in ads posted in stores in your neighborhood.

If you like independence, it is quite possible to learn to paint on your own by watching videos or practicing and learning from mistakes.

Regardless of the shape, you choose to learn to apply acrylic paint, do not forget to have fun and paint what makes you happy.

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Learning to paint with watercolors

Watercolor, one of the favorite techniques of lovers of nature and travel, is a technique that is booming in the art world.

However, this has not always been the case.

From the time of Herod, watercolor painting has long been perceived as a technique reserved for study. In other words, it was used to prepare the real work that was later painted with oil paint or acrylic paint.

However, watercolor now enjoys great recognition and is used as a true technique in itself. Painters who use this technique are also called ” watercolorists “.

As you know, it is very common to find courses and painting workshops that are organized with assiduity to learn to draw and paint a still life, a landscape, a portrait, a tree, etc.

Watercolor is different from other painting techniques because it is a water-based painting, which characterizes the watercolor classes.

To paint in watercolors, you need a little paint and lots of water. Its ease of transport and the shortage of necessary material make it the favorite painting of the nomads. Just put in your suitcase a box of watercolors, some leaves, and a brush and go on an adventure.

However, be careful to use watercolor well. The paint reacts to water. That is, if you put water in a layer of dry paint, it will moisten and can be mixed with the next layer.

It may seem an inconvenience, but it can also be an advantage since then you can work the painting again as you wish.

To learn how to use this technique and to know all the applications of watercolor, you can get in touch with private tutors or take classes in an art workshop or in a studio. Drawing teachers are artists who know many tips to help you learn painting.

Do not forget to invest in a drawing board to protect all your works from the rain when you leave class.

A little more than the right amount of water in the paint and it will spoil.

Discover also what a painting course consists of.

How to learn to paint with cakes?

The cake is one of the most unusual techniques in painting. Some consider it as a drawing technique, others as a painting technique.

This is because the cakes can be used to draw and paint. Although it will depend on the cake used.

In fact, there are several cakes in plastic arts. They can be dry cakes (soft or hard) or fatty cakes (oil or wax).

Some cakes can be used with water, while others should be used as such for better reproduction.

Anyway, you must first learn to recognize all types of cakes before purchasing. Then you can take drawing classes or painting classes.

Although you will see other techniques (graphite pencil, charcoal, black chalk, gouache, watercolor, blood, ink, wax, highlighters, etc.), you will learn to handle all kinds of cakes.

The diffuser technique is also widely used. However, the cakes should be used in layers. The cake is not mixed on a separate sheet, but directly on the paper.

It is necessary to superimpose the layers to obtain different colors.

The easiest way to master the technique is to practice regularly at home or in class.

Play famous pictures, pictures, photos, all this can help you progress.

My art teacher had a box full of postcards, which served to inspire us when we had no more ideas.

If you need help and advice, use painting classes to understand the technique of cakes (associations, art workshops, art schools, private teachers, etc.). Learning to paint takes time.

Written by Razia Begum


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