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10 Easy paper crafts for children

The child can quietly learn while playing and playing at the same time he learns. And that, although at present it seems different, is not only a preserve reserved for technologies, since crafts can very well fulfill those functions. Cut, paste, color; that is to say, the minimum plastic tasks, discharge bad energies, concentrate, give constancy and, as we said, have fun. Therefore, here we present easy paper crafts for children. As always, we bring you useful and interesting material.

10 easy-to-make craft ideas with paper in images to download:

How to make a parrot with colored cardboard circles, step by step.

Colorful butterflies with transparency, to use with the reflection of light, to make decorations for lamps or windows or hanging ornaments, step by step.

Made with a butterfly mold made of black cardboard, all the inside is covered in the desired way and then some very fine, translucent paper is stuck behind.

Small folded paper birds to make souvenirs and souvenirs and give as gifts.

The original colorful clown made with multi-colored cardboards and the traditional and classic airplane shape that all the boys know how to do.

Ideal for decorating classrooms and school events 

Simple animal shapes to make with the little ones 

Part by part of a beautiful owl made entirely on cardboard

To decorate the house

Beautiful mobile hanging rococo roses and beads.

Make the roses first and then pass them by a thread or stanza, interspersing the beads. Make strips of different lengths and try to achieve the desired volume with as many rows as possible for a better result.

The same mobile can also be made more easily with simple paper and thread butterflies. We show you in an image all the steps that you must follow to carry it out.

Small cardboard cactus.



Written by Razia Begum

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