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5 ways (very easy) to tie a scarf to bring the cold with the best style

There are many more ways to wear your scarf beyond dropping it on your neck. Here we present six alternatives.

It’s just a handkerchief. If we put purists, it’s just a handkerchief, but go all the possibilities that a scarf can have. Accessory keys of cold days. Basic piece to shelter. No matter what the motivation behind the choice of adding this garment, it will always be a flattering accent and more if you know how to choose (and do) the knots that will give it shape and, just as important, keep it in place.

Are you one of those who just grab them by the ends and drop them casually in the neck? Well, we have news for you and your clan, there are many more ways to wear scarves and also with the same nonchalant air and these seven knots are great alternatives. Here we tell you how to make them. Believe us, they are not difficult to achieve and contribute a lot to any combination. Let’s start:

• The European knot

The classic of the classics and, perhaps, the most elegant of all.

  1. Stretch the scarf lengthwise and fold it in half.

  2. Place it horizontally behind your neck with one end on each side, leaving the one that is not bent longer.
  3. Insert the unfolded end into the loop created from the other end bent. Squeeze

• The rabbit ear

Practical and cool. Add volume and you do not have to worry much about retouching the form.

  1. With the scarf on your shoulders, put one end much longer than the other.

  2. Tie the longer end around your neck.
  3. What is left of this same end, put it in the loop that was formed around your neck?
  4. Make a simple knot with the ends of the scarf.
  5. Optional: Hide the knot you just made with the ends on the neck so that both are seen hanging side by side.

Turtle neck

You do not need a sweater or a high-collared top. You can do it yourself.

  1. With the scarf on your shoulders, put one end much longer than the other.
  2. Give the longest end around your neck three or four times always in the same direction.
  3. If there is excess cloth left, then make another simple knot.
  4. Hide the knot under the neck.

The traditional return

Put the scarf on your shoulders, with one end slightly longer than the other.

  1. Take the longest end and wrap it around your neck.
  2. Align the ends to your liking, with the same length or one longer than the other.

The infinite loop

Ideal for those in boho style. It is the most casual of all ties, with more aesthetic than warm purposes.

  1. When placing the scarf on your shoulders make sure that both ends are equidistant.
  2. Take the tip of each end and make two simple knots to make sure they do not move.
  3. There will be an “O” shaped tie, turn it into an “8” or an “X”.
  4. Place the lower loop of this “8” (the one in your hands) around the neck and let it fall.


Written by Razia Begum

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