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Beautiful folding napkins

Beautiful folding napkins on the table in stages. The method of folding napkins to serve the table.

Paper, cloth, wet wipes … We use them every day and, sometimes, we only notice them when they end. But have you ever wondered what your story is? How many years, and maybe centuries, are there?

A few words about the history of napkins.

And you will not guess: mankind has been using napkins for almost three thousand years! The first to start using them were the Egyptians, and they made them from fig leaves (they only fit in density and size). What did they do there? They just ripped it off and put it on the table. The nobles did not touch them with their hands; the servants, who moved imperceptibly between the tables, had time to cleanse the teacher’s lips.

Cloth wipes based on asbestos fibers, appeared thanks to the Romans or the Greeks.  Asbestos towels cost a lot of money, which means they were not available to everyone, just the nobility. By the way, even Empress Catherine II used such napkins. He loved to joke, especially in front of distinguished guests, wiping his hands with an asbestos cloth and throwing it into the fireplace. The servant thereafter effectively removed the tablecloth completely, unharmed, not even singed.


The linen napkins also appeared thanks to the Romans, at the edge of their apogee and fall. The names and monograms of the owners were embroidered on them.

In Europe, the popularity of napkins was uneven, more so in those countries where men traditionally wore beards. As you have guessed, Peter brought them to Russia. The expression: “Napkin of your grace!” It is from there.

The napkins were still an expensive pleasure, so they became a symbol of wealth and luxury. They were introduced into the obligatory attribute of the girl’s dowry.

The paper napkin appeared only in the twentieth century. It greatly influenced … the world war. Kimberly-Clark, a company that, just before the start of the war, began to study and improve cellulose wool, began to produce very thin paper fabrics. They were ideal for bandages and gas mask filters, such as filling a lifejacket … When the war ended, many unused products remained and the company suffered a great loss. Kimberly-Clark is going through a conversion process and is developing a new peaceful business line. Wipes very rooted in everyday life. Their rules of use appear. Previously, for example, they put their shirts by the neck, and now they have begun to put them on their knees. After eating it is customary to leave it to the right of the food. Funny details, right?

Serve with napkins

A napkin, as an ornament, began to be used in the Middle Ages. Then they were made of cloth, silk, often lace … Now, to decorate a table to perfection, it is not necessary to buy expensive fabrics, you just have to put them on a plate or in a glass. And here are a dozen ways to do it in an original way.


To do this, take napkins orange and green smooth. Instead of vegetables, you can use silverware (as in the photo) of any green color. Such “carrots” look beautiful if they are tied with green ribbons.

2. He got up from a napkin.

Unfortunately, you can not clean your hands with a rose of this type, it only serves as a decoration element. Therefore, do not forget to stock up on other more practical wipes, you can directly on them and put on your roses! The main thing is to collect a spectacular combination of colors. Follow the instructions step by step and practice!

Another version of a rose, just from a cloth napkin.


Written by Razia Begum

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