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How to fold clothes correctly

Learning to fold clothes will help us to keep these garments that we like so much better and always wear a well-kept image. Take note of these steps and get down to work.

Learning to fold clothes is an art that we must learn to maintain and show off our clothes in the best possible way. Paying attention to a task we do on a daily basis is something that will help us improve in some aspects. Always wear the clothes in perfect condition can be something to help us lift the mood, it is important to make a good first impression and the physical is our letter of introduction. There are garments that however beautiful or expensive they are, if we do not keep them as we should, they can end up being more conventional. Take note of these steps and learn to fold clothes as if you were a true professional.

Steps to learn how to fold clothes

  1. We will start with a simple method. The short-sleeved shirts are the simplest to have always in perfect condition. We fold in half vertically with the sleeves together. We will fold the sleeves over the shirt. Finally, the last horizontal fold is left so that the hem touches the neck.
  2. Another system is the one used in most stores, it is much faster and easier. We hold the shirt by the shoulders in front of us with the index finger and the thumb. With the rest of the fingers, we bend the sleeves backward. Then we fold the shirt in half horizontally.
  3. The pants without folds are the simplest to fold. We fold them vertically with the legs together and the pockets out. If they have a fold, we bend them so that the fold is in front. We will smooth the pant leg and bend it at the knees. We will join the back with the waist.
  4. The dresses and the skirts, always, better than they are hung, in case of doubling. We will fold the hem to the waist or neck. We will fold them vertically again. Until having a square of folded fabric.
  5. Another method that is very fashionable thanks to Marie Kondo is to roll up the clothes. In this way, some wrinkling is avoided. The shirts, for example, we put them face down, we fold along once and we roll it up. In this way, we can have the garments always perfect, ready to use them and without any wrinkles occupying the minimum possible space.

Dare to learn how to fold clothes, order your wardrobe so that you can always have everything you need at hand. The result will improve storage space and your own appearance.

Written by Razia Begum

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