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Life hacks to stop spending so much on food

A good plate of food is priceless. Everything is perfect when you can buy what you want when you want and in the amounts you want … Much more if it is food. However, when you’re almost at the end of the month and you have to check your bills and pay your credit card, you’re shocked and the first thing you ask is where all your money went. You just thought you had more in your account, but it’s not like that. Been there, done that.

If we take the count, an average person in a week needs approximately 21 meals. Not to mention the Friday you went out to have a few beers with your friends or that Saturday dinner on which you spent all your salary. Who is to blame for this? Even if you do not want to hear it … You have it and all because you let yourself go by that impulsivity that produces food. And we understand you, when you spend 12 hours in college with many gaps between classes, anxiety asks only one thing: Food!

In spite of that, when the thing gets tough with the money, it’s time to lower it 2 and have self-control. And no, this does not mean you’re going to stop eating healthy or that you’re going to starve yourself in the process. It’s about buying intelligently.

Written by Razia Begum

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