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Nail art The best nail designs

The only secret is in the pulse. The nail art is a unique design that gives originality to the nails to put aside the classic enamel of the same color. Glitter, stamping, stones, gems or stickers are the most used worldwide.

In social networks, there are infinite models to follow to achieve and imitate incredible looks. It girls, celebrities, influencers, recognized manicures, and most important beauty salons reach thousands of followers with their innovative proposals.

Infobae consulted  Daiana Gulman from “Penny Nail”, Lara Rader from “I have fun with nails” and Meli Lopez from “Meli Lopez Nails”,  three nail art experts on what the new trends are, how to achieve it and what are the necessary elements to have a perfect manicure.

“Going to a specialized manicure and doing freehand jobs is the secret to achieve something well represented and that you see quality work and luxury,” suggested Daiana Gulman.

Some of the viral trends in Instagram in nails were stamping and designs inspired by luxury brands. Among the most performed were Hermès, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. “We love that trend, a few days ago a customer asked us for a design inspired by sneakers, which I find fun to enhance any photo since the nails speak for themselves,” shared  Lara Rader. 

“For these works to look ‘luxurious’, a good finish is needed concerning enameling, cuticles and final presentation of the hands, I recommend that at the end of the service a moisturizer be applied,” added  Meli Lopez.  

According to specialists, there are several options to achieve a perfect replica of the logos of these luxury brands. The first is to resort to the appliqués, which is best done with a manicure made in gel, semi-permanent enameled or nails sculpted to last, and not on a traditional manicure.

Another is the stamping, a way of making impressions perfectly on the nails with metal templates, and with special enamels that allow transfers to keep the nails neat.

However, the freehand nail art is the most practiced in Argentina, since it can be adapted to the taste of each client and vary in the shades of enamels and sizes of the drawings.

In the world, nail trends are very varied. In our country, women prefer sober designs and not in all the nails, but in one, two or three to make a difference.

“They are being used long, pointed and rounded, it is a trend that continues happening since last year, it will continue throughout this 2018, and the novelty is the stone appliques that add to the glitter, for example, in this edition of the Met Gala, many famous women showed the tendency of the stones “, added  Gulman .

To continue adding other options in this new season,  Rader contributed: “In the living room, one of the trends that most fascinated us are the chrome, metallic colors that come in all the colors and are spectacular.”

And finally, Lopez shared that also the crystals, stripes or strips of colors, purpurins, and powder chrome -of mirror effect- are decorations that serve to enhance the colors of winter that are usually cold. “A good option for this time of the year is to use a nude or wine tone, accompanied by geometric figures and a crystal sconce.”

Written by Razia Begum

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