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10 tricks that will make your life easier The definitive list!

The definitive list of homemade tricks has arrived. You know we love the tricks and tips to make your life easier, save space or even improve your photographs, but what we bring you today is a pass.

Nothing more and nothing less than 100 tricks for your day today. Some of you will know them, some will not, some will be more useful to you and others will not serve you personally, but among 100 more tricks than one, some unforeseen will solve you.

Well, we start with the list.

Put the toaster aside and you can make these slices with melted cheese.

Of course, be careful and do not leave it unattended, in case any crumb of bread burns or begins to drip the cheese.

How to peel an expert level Kiwi.

Surely this trick sounds to you because we already show you here.

Coffee beans have multiple utilities.

Frozen grapes are ideal for cooling the wine.

A basket of dirty clothes keeps toys near your baby.

Do your office partners take your pens away? Replace the red ink cartridge with a black ink cartridge. No one steals red pens.

A bit of nail polish and your buttons will never be lost.

Great idea if you have little space.

Hard butter? No matter with the cheese grater everything is easier.

Does your air conditioner smell bad? Paste a dryer on top.

Written by Razia Begum

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