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Things you didn’t know about acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are false nails or nail extensions that are placed over the nails and used as a fashion accessory. Acrylic nails are used for aesthetic purposes. There are artificial nail designers who design the fingernails and mimic the original nails possible. Special care should be taken when maintaining acrylic nails.

However, after getting acrylic nails, you must attend after two weeks. The shape and design and high durability are the advantages that keep them over a manicure. You can find the best services and technicians of acrylic nails Madrid.

The professional will know when you should wear acrylic nails and when you should wear a gel.

We always insist on the same concept: acrylic nails are not better than Gel nails. If a manicurist knows only one technique or another, he will always sell us more the technique she knows. But the reality is that it depends on the type of nail, the choice of using one technique or another. Our center, located right in the center of Madrid, in the Prince Pío Zone, has highly qualified staff to advise you which technique is the best in your case.

As mentioned earlier, acrylic nails are simply extensions and not a replacement for original nails. There are two main types of acrylic nail design: tips and shapes.

The tips are the nail-shaped plastic stuck to the end of the natural nail as shown in the image above. While the shapes are shaped like an adhesive border and cover the tip of the finger as shown in the image below. In addition to these, acrylic or gel can also be applied. There are several designs available ranging from solid colors to graphic designs, such as animal print, metallic colors, floral prints, bright nails, etc.

Acrylic nails can be modeled according to the user’s requirements such as rounded, square, oval, almonds, etc. When you want longer nails, you can always opt for acrylic nails or gel extensions. Acrylic nails are usually stronger and harder than natural nails because natural nails weaken as they grow.

Pros and cons of acrylic nails


1. Acrylic nails are suitable for women who have weak natural nails. There may be some situations where you would like to wear perfect nails, or if you want to attend a wedding with attractive hands. In those moments, it is difficult to have weak nails, and acrylic nails come to help in that case.

2. Acrylic nails are good for women who have a bad habit of biting or chewing their nails; also because acrylic nails are really bad for chewing.

3. Most nail salon technicians have experience on how to apply and remove acrylic nails. Therefore, you do not have to worry about side effects as such.


1. They can damage your natural nail. Sometimes, the growth of natural nails with acrylic nails on them can be difficult.

2. Since acrylic nails are extensions, they look fake. You need a professional technician to apply them in a way that seems natural.

3. Acrylic nails have chemical substances, so, when applied, some women may or may not experience allergic reactions.

4. You need extra care to keep those nails. They also need replacement, which leads to additional expenses.

Things to remember when getting acrylic nails:

1. Keeping your nails healthy and clean includes regular cleaning of your acrylic nails.

2. Find yourself a professional manicurist. The regular manicurist will know your nails better and explain your problems and guide you to take good care of you.

3. Keep your nails dry. Each time you wash your hands, dry them completely, as there may be chances of developing fungus inside the nails.

Written by Razia Begum

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